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About Us

Years ago, Wildlife X Team Nashville got its start. Every year since we have been offering more services to more clients as we expand our business. As we have grown, we have loved providing countless pest control services to more clients every day. Wildlife X Team Nashville is a full-service wildlife control company that is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. We are proud to provide our services for clients that live in Nashville and the surrounding areas, offering the best services at the lowest prices. Wildlife X Team Nashville not only provides humane wildlife removal services, but we also provide animal damage repair, attic and crawlspace restoration, animal prevention, decontamination, and odor removal services, and many more. X Team members are very experienced with every type of pest control encounter, so no matter what animal and problem you are dealing with, our experts will be able to help you out. Continue reading to learn more about us and some services we offer.  

Wildlife Removal

As urban sprawl continues to expand and encroach into Nature, more and more animals will become displaced. When this happens, animals either have to move or adapt to new circumstances. When animals choose to adapt, they begin encountering suburban and urban areas, and as a result, also encounter humans. While raccoons and rodents have been commonly encountered around homes for years, more and more species of nuisance animals are beginning to inhabit homes and properties. When these pest animals get into your house or onto your property, they can make things worse for you and your family. These critters will spread diseases that can be fatal to humans, cause damage that is expensive to repair, and harm small pets. This is why it is so important to remove nuisance animals as soon as possible.

While many people might like to remove these animals on their own, there are several reasons it should likely be left to a professional wildlife control company. First, and most importantly, removing animals on your own can be illegal in many cases. Second, many animals that gain access to your home often have their young in a difficult area to find, and if you remove the mother, the babies will all die slow, painful deaths and cause terrible odors in your home. Finally, only removing some of the animals can cause the infestation to get much worse, causing much more expensive damage repair bills down the road. Beyond these reasons, attempting animal removal on your own can expose you, your family, and your pets to the harmful diseases carried by animals. These are the reasons why professional wildlife removal is recommended. 

At Wildlife X Team Nashville, we pride ourselves on our humane wildlife removal that keeps the animals, as well as you and your family safe and healthy. We are fully licensed and able to take care of any of your pest removal needs. Our experts have tons of experience in dealing with raccoons, squirrels, rats and mice, bats, birds, skunksopossums, armadillos, and many other wildlife animals. If you have any questions or concerns during the removal process, we will be more than happy to explain and modify our plans according to your requests. If you are dealing with a nuisance animal problem of any kind, be sure to give us a call at Wildlife X Team Nashville as soon as possible! 

Animal Damage Repair

Once you have had nuisance wildlife in your home, there are some important steps to take. One of the most important is animal damage repair. Nuisance animals make a mess out of your home, causing all kinds of minor and major damage. A common thing rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons do is chew and tear their way through building materials. This can cause structural damage in some cases, and often creates all kinds of new entry points for other pests to gain access to your home. Another common damage that needs to be repaired is all of the wires that have been chewed up by animals, as these can create sparks and fires in dry attics. If animals get into your attic or walls, they will likely destroy the insulation. This is serious, as it can cost you thousands of dollars in energy bill expenses over the long run. Wildlife X Team Nashville is able to fix all of these damages, as well as many more, repairing your home back to its original condition.

Attic and Crawlspace Restoration

Attic and crawlspace restoration is very important, as many nuisance animals love to get into these places. Attics and crawl spaces are very important to homes, as they provide insulation and moisture barriers to the rest of the home. If animals have trashed your attic or crawlspace, it can be very detrimental to your home. Attic and crawlspace restoration involves the repair and replacement of insulation, chewed-up wires, HVAC and pipe components that have been harmed, and many other services. If you have had animals in your attic or crawlspace, give us a call at Wildlife X Team Nashville, and we will take care of you.

Decontamination and Odor Removal

Once animals have been removed, their germs and diseases linger for a very long time. Until you have had your home decontaminated, you, your family, and your pets still run the risk of contracting the diseases that the nuisance animals were carrying. Having a decontamination and odor removal service performed will keep you and your family safe, and will also remove the odors that attract more pests to try to get into your home. Wildlife X Team Nashville is proud to offer these services to our clients!