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Clarksville is an excellent place to be close to nature while being close to the action of city life! Encountered with pests animals around Clarksville can be a common occurrence, simply due to their proximity to Nature. Pest animals often carry diseases that can be dangerous to humans and pets, and they also can wrack up expensive repair bills with the damage they cause. It is important to remove nuisance wildlife as soon as possible!

What Damage Can Animals Cause?

Every nuisance animal that is commonly encountered in Clarksville often carries a wide array of different viral and bacterial infections. Many of these infections can kill humans and pets, so it is important to realize the danger of having pests living around you. Hantavirus is a disease commonly carried by rats and mice, and it has a death rate of around 40% in humans, as there is no cure. In addition, rodents carry rat-bite fever, a serious bacterial infection that can affect respiratory systems. Birds and bats carry leptospirosis, histoplasmosis, and many other terrible diseases that are generally found in their feces. Raccoons are often ill with rabies and raccoon roundworms, both of which can cause real problems in humans. One of the worrisome aspects of having pests around is that you will often have no idea when you are being exposed to the diseases. One of the obvious times you may contract a disease is if a nuisance animal bites or scratches you, as this often goes directly into your bloodstream, creating some rapid infections. Some less obvious ways of contracting illnesses are if you touch an infected animal’s saliva, urine, or feces, as these are rife with disease. Finally, many animals, particularly mice and rats, can find ways into your food, contaminating it and potentially causing illness to anyone who eats the food. Removing nuisance animals is very important, as you can see.

As if the potential for the disease was not enough, nuisance wildlife is also great at causing damage to homes. Squirrels, mice, and rats love to chew on materials, and they will often gnaw their way into your home, leaving entry points for all other nuisance animals. Birds and bats leave their corrosive droppings and urine everywhere, and this can cause structural collapse if they harm any metal in your home. Armadillos and skunks often love to dig their dens right next to your house, garage, or other buildings, and this can lead to a collapsed foundation over time. Finally, opossums, raccoons, and even squirrels can cause damage to your insulation, causing decreased energy efficiency and raising your energy bill. Removing these animals should be a top priority!

Humane Wildlife Control and Trapping 

In Clarksville, there are all kinds of nuisance animals. If you know you have raccoons, squirrels, rodents, bats, armadillos, snakes, birds, skunks, opossums, or other animals in your home or on your property, give us a call at Wildlife X Team Nashville. We pride ourselves on our humane animal removal service, as our experts have spent years honing their skills to provide the best service to our customers. 

Animal Damage Repair

After any pest animals have been removed, you can begin thinking about how to fix the aftermath. Virtually every common nuisance animal creates a massive amount of damage in your home. One of the worst damages is chewed-up wires that can cause fires, as this can seriously harm you and your family. In addition, many animals create new entry points that future rats, mice, bats, and other critters can use to make their way into your home. Many animals cause structural damage by chewing on building materials, and this can cause a potential collapse, which would be a very expensive repair bill. Contact a wildlife control company to repair all of these problems and more, as it is a great investment.

Decontamination & Odor Removal

Decontamination and odor removal is vital to the pest control process. All nuisance animals carry illnesses that can potentially kill you and your family, so decontamination is so important. Decontamination and odor removal will kill all the infections you could potentially get and get rid of foul odors that could attract other pests as well. Hire a wildlife removal company to perform decontamination for you as soon as possible.

Why Hire Wildlife X Team Nashville?

At Wildlife X Team Nashville, we are proud to provide these important services to our clients. Our experts know exactly how to take care of any pest problem you may have.  If you live in Nashville or the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us at Wildlife X Team Nashville if you have any pest problems!