Nashville Wildlife

Humane Wildlife Control and Trapping

As nuisance animals become more and more common in suburban and urban areas, more people are having to consistently deal with the problems that these critters cause. Between property damage caused and the potential for the spread of harmful diseases, nuisance animals can present a serious problem to anyone with a home, garage, business, or other building. Hiring a professional wildlife removal company to perform humane wildlife control and trapping is the best way to remove these animals and keep them from coming back. Continue reading to learn more.

Animals Common to Nashville

While there are many animals that can be found in Nashville and the surrounding areas, there are certain species that are the most likely to cause problems and become a nuisance for humans. Among the most common nuisance animal species are raccoons, rats and mice, birds, bats, opossums, skunks, squirrels, snakes, and armadillos. Each of these animals presents its own unique set of problems it causes and challenges encountered when trying to remove it. These animal species can be very difficult for people to remove, and they often require an animal removal company’s help, as the infestation can quickly multiply and cause serious damage. 

Problems Animals Can Cause

While nuisance animals are definitely an annoyance, many people believe that there are no serious problems associated with having them around. It is important to know that all nuisance animals spread many different serious diseases, as well as cause large amounts of damage that can be expensive to fix. Some of the worst disease-spreading animals are rats and mice, as they carry hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever, among many other serious diseases. Raccoons are commonly found to carry rabies, raccoon roundworm, and salmonella, each of which can kill people. Bats and birds carry dozens of diseases at any given time in their saliva, feces, and urine, each of which can present serious health complications to humans. Virtually every nuisance animal carries many different bacterial and viral infections that can harm, or potentially kill humans, their family, and their pets.

On top of the diseases mentioned, it is important to know all the ways in which they can be spread to humans. One of the most obvious transmission methods is a human or pet coming into direct contact with a diseased animal, generally by being scratched or bitten. This is fairly uncommon, but it can be one of the most serious methods. The other main method of transmission is caused by coming into contact with an infected nuisance animal’s feces, saliva, or urine, as these can be hotspots for bacteria and viruses. Finally, a nuisance animal can contaminate your food, food preparation areas, and cooking utensils, potentially spreading illness.

On top of the disease-carrying potential of virtually every species of nuisance wildlife, they can also cause some serious property damage to your yard, your house, and your garage. Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons are able to chew their way through many different materials, creating their own way into your home. Once inside, they will chew wires, wreck insulation, and create a mess in general. Birds and bats love to roost in attics, leaving their feathers and droppings all over, staining insulation, and damaging building materials with their corrosive feces. Skunks dig holes that can weaken your foundation, potentially causing expensive repairs. As can be seen, nuisance animals on your property are a serious threat that should be dealt with at once.


Problems with DIY Removal

While some cases of nuisance wildlife infestations may be handled by individuals, most serious pest problems need to be resolved by professional wildlife removal companies. In many cases, DIY can be done for rodents, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other similar animals. Often, this just requires a baited trap and you will be able to remove them. There are several problems with DIY animal removal though, each having the potential to cost you more money.

One of the biggest problems with DIY removal is that nuisance wildlife often has their young inside of your home. If you remove the mother, the babies will die slow, painful deaths and stink up your home. Wildlife removal companies will search your entire house for young animals and remove them humanely. In addition to baby animals, DIY removal often leads to the animals being stressed. This can cause them to eventually die, even if you did not physically harm them. Wildlife removal experts have the knowledge to keep these animals alive while removing them.

Why Hire Wildlife X Team Nashville?

At Wildlife X Team Nashville, we pride ourselves on providing humane wildlife control and trapping services. You can rest assured that our experts provide nuisance animals with the most ethical and humane behavior throughout the removal process, providing them with a gentle transition away from your home. If you live in Nashville or the surrounding areas and you have a nuisance wildlife problem and are looking for humane wildlife control and trapping service, give us a call at Wildlife X Team Nashville!