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Attic and Crawlspace Restoration from Pest Inhabitant

Having nuisance wildlife in your home or on your property is a stressful experience. Once you have removed all of the animals, there are still many other steps you will want to take. One of these steps is an attic and crawlspace restoration service after pests have inhabited these areas. Often, a pest only inhabits either the attic or the crawlspace, but these services are linked together, as they both deal with repairing what the animals destroyed in your attic or crawlspace. Having your attic and crawlspace restored can provide you with some serious benefits. Continue reading to learn more about attic and crawlspace restoration services.

Attic Restoration

There are several ways that nuisance animals tend to wreck attics, and each one of them is highly variable on what nuisance animal species were in your attic. When it comes to animals like rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums, it is likely that there are tons of damaged insulation that was torn up, smashed down, and generally destroyed. The problem with damaged insulation is that it does not have the same insulative properties that it is supposed to. This leads to a large decrease in energy efficiency for your home, which will cost you lots of money in increased heating and cooling bills. Having your attic restored will return the insulation’s properties back to normal, saving you serious money on your heating and cooling bill over the long run. 

A very serious bit of damage that occurs if you had rats, mice, and squirrels in your attic are the chewing up of wires. While this seems fairly harmless, chewed-up wires are bare, without any insulation covering them. In some cases, the wires can spark up, causing an electrical fire that could potentially burn your house to the ground. Attic restoration involves the repair or replacement of any chewed-up wires that could potentially start a fire, thereby keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe from fire.

Bats, birds, rats and mice, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other nuisance animals all contribute to the weakening of the structural integrity of your attic. Bats and birds have highly corrosive urine and feces that can rapidly corrode any type of metal, causing serious structural weakening over time. All of the other animals commonly chew and gnaw on all kinds of building materials, lumber included. They do this for a variety of reasons, but each time they do it, the lumber is becoming weaker, potentially causing a very serious collapse that could harm you and your family and be expensive to repair. When a wildlife removal company performs attic restoration, they will repair or replace any damaged structural building materials.

Crawlspace Restoration

An out of sight, out of mind part of many homes is the crawlspace. While most people do not care about it, the crawl space serves an important purpose to your home. Crawlspaces provide a moisture barrier between the ground and your home, allow for plumbing and HVAC components, act as insulation, and help your home’s foundation. If a nuisance animal gets into your crawl space it can cause some damage that can seriously affect you and your home. 

One of the worst problems that an animal in your crawl space can cause is infecting your air supply. Since many HVAC components are drawn from your crawlspace, if a sick animal dies, leaves droppings, or spreads its disease in some other way, you and your family could be breathing in that air. Crawlspace restoration involves the removal of any dead animals, their feces, and other sources of infection.

Similar to the attic, many nuisance animals can find all kinds of wires, pipes, and components to chew up. This can cause not only the risk for electrical fires, putting your whole family in danger, but can also lead to certain parts of your home not working properly. If your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical services are having problems, it could be caused by the creatures in your crawlspace. When crawlspace restoration is performed, wildlife removal experts examine all of the pipes, wires, and components, replacing and repairing what they can. 

Why hire Wildlife X Team Nashville?

Here at Wildlife X Team Nashville, we take great pride in returning your attic and crawlspace back to their original condition with our restoration services. Taking care of any damages and problems that arose from having pests in your attic or crawlspace can potentially save you money and headaches down the road, as these problems can often invite more nuisance animals into your home. Not only do we provide attic and crawlspace restoration services, but we also provide nuisance animal removal, animal damage repairs, decontamination and odor removal, and many other nuisance animal-related services. If you have had nuisance wildlife in your attic or crawlspace and live in Nashville or surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call here at Wildlife X Team Nashville.