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Wild Animal Damage Repair

After the nuisance animals have all been removed, you might be thinking you are done with the process, however, this is not true. When nuisance animals get into your home they cause serious problems that need to be repaired in order to prevent further damage to your home or another wildlife infestation. Continue reading to learn more about wild animal damage repair.

Rodent Damage

Rats and mice and squirrels create some of the worst damage you can imagine, as they find a way to ruin virtually any material. One of the most vital repairs that need to take place after a rodent invasion is the inspection and repair of any and all holes that these animals have created. If you do not repair all of the holes, it will allow more rodents in, creating an even worse problem and more damage. Another likely repair would be the replacement of wires that have been chewed through, as all rodents love to grind their teeth on them. If you do not repair the wiring, it can cause the possibility of a fire, endangering you and your family. Once these repairs are done, it would be wise to reinforce or replace any lumber or other building materials that have been weakened by the rodents. Often, rodents will gnaw through structural lumber, which could potentially cause the entire attic or another part of your home to collapse, creating a much more costly repair. As can be seen, rodents create many animal damage repairs that need to be taken care of.

Bird and Bat Damage

It might seem surprising that birds and bats can cause problems to buildings, but they can create fairly serious problems at that. These problems may take a long time to rear their head, but when they do, they could be serious. Birds and bats often roost in attics and other areas, leaving their droppings everywhere. Their droppings and urine are corrosive, causing any metal structures to become weaker with each passing day. Eventually, this can lead to a structural collapse that could harm people and cause extensive damage.

Raccoons, Opossums, and Others

Raccoons, opossums, skunks, and larger nuisance animals also cause some serious damage. These critters often bludgeon their way into the attics of homes, where they are free to do some damage. Raccoons and opossums commonly claw and chew on drywall, lumber, and other building materials, causing some damage that presents all kinds of problems. In addition, these animals will often make their own entry holes or enlarge existing ones, allowing more nuisance animals to come in. Insulation is commonly smashed down, which will cost you decreased energy efficiency as well.

Why Hire Wildlife X Team Nashville?

Here at Wildlife X Team Nashville, we are proud to provide excellent animal damage repair services. It does not matter what nuisance animal you had in your home, as our experts are able to repair even the worst damage caused by raccoons, rodents, and other animals. If you live in Nashville or the surrounding areas and have animal damage in your home that you want to be repaired, give us a call here at Wildlife X Team Nashville.